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December 9, 2017, 1:40 PM



     People are naturally empty and trust themselves to be filled.  A perfect Christmas season includes being filled and is the top priority for everyone.  We expect to be filled with food, good cheer and certainly Christmas gifts!   It is so easy, and even natural, at Christmas for us to be self centered and driven by the desires of our hearts to be filled by many other things other than God. 

     But Christmas is supposed to be a celebration of God’s love that was embodied in the gift of Christ.  Our sinful hearts covet things, people, and feelings of fulfillment that are temporary.   A heart turned toward God celebrates the precious gift of the love of God and relishes an eternal relationship with Him. The love of God fills a faithful heart and His love over flows through to others.

     A perfect Christmas season certainly involves physical, tangible gifts;  but the true power of perfection is the love of God given through Christ.  As we gather together with friends and loved ones this Christmas, I pray that you will truly remember that Christmas is all about His perfect love. Ask Jesus by the power of the Spirit to show His love to you because His love is truly what your heart desires.  In that same conversation, ask Him how to show His love to others because His love is what every heart truly desires. 

      Your children,  spouse, friends, neighbors, the hungry, the homeless the sick, the lonely, and everyone ask for things at Christmas; but what every heart truly needs is love.  People in need ask for what they think will stop their pain with intensity determined by the need they feel.  Even deeper then, any felt need is the need for Jesus’ love.

     So as you give to others this Christmas, ask God to show you how to come alongside others to love them as deeply as he does.

     Coming to God for love and truth should be for us like breathing.  The gift of Christ, the word of God incarnate, and the gift of the Holy Spirit are to once a year gifts, they are gifts that are given again and again.  They also are meant to be received again and again.  If we refuse to receive and give love from God, then we may continue to breathe for a while, but true life will not be in us.  May we all give and receive abundantly this Christmas and in the New Year!

     Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Sharpe Family! 

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