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March 5, 2018, 2:38 PM

Invite a Friend

Are you troubled, burdened, tired, ready for Jesus to come and take you away from this life? Most of us would say yes! We would eagerly jump at any kind of relief from the strains of life and would consider it to be pure perfection if Jesus took all of our stress away. Many people today are looking forward to the second coming because they believe the promises that their struggles will end when he comes. This is a great and true promise from the word of God and it will come to pass and we will live with Him in paradise.

But isn’t the rest we seek from Christ already there for us? We know The truth is that Jesus has already come to us to ease our burdens. He invites you to come to him in faith so that you can be relieved of stresses of life.

Jesus came from heaven over 2000 years ago to save you. In your lifetime He has called you many times to come to him. He has done miracle after miracle in your life in order to bring you to faith in Him. The Holy Spirit is working in you to bring you to faith make you into the person he means for you to be. He gently calls you into a continuous relationship with him through which he promises to ease your burdens.

You know that you should be thankful to receive his grace, yet you still have a hard time fully living by faith in Him. You know you should come to him and rely on him always, but you have a hard time doing it enough? Why do you think that is?

It’s because your brain is not wired to rest in Jesus. You inherited a relationship with God that is broken by sin. Your heart of flesh does not want to trust anyone but itself or something it can control. You have lived your whole life not depending on him. One miracle, or a series of miracles, will not change the fact that you are physically handicapped in your ability to trust him. You certainly know that miracles have been done for you, and you know God calls you to let him carry your burdens but when you are under stress; but when you are stressed, your new knowledge will be easily overcome by old experience. You will not act

in faith, but in accordance with the dominant programming of your brain. The answer is that He calls you into a continuous abiding relationship with Him so that He can renew your mind by grace so that you will thrive in life with Him.

This calling is for you and for people around you to know the grace of God in their lives. Holy Week gives us the opportunity to reflect on the humiliation and agony that Christ suffered for us, so that our burden of sin would be lifted and we can know the love and salvation of God.

Maundy (Holy) Thursday March 29th events will be a little different this year. We will hold a meal and meditation time with the theme of the last supper at 6:00pm and then view the movie The Passion of the Christ in the sanctuary starting at 7pm. Please invite your friends and family to join us for this special event! 

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