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Letter from Pastor for July 2020
July 1, 2020, 9:53 AM

The Kingdom of God is where the blind receive sight, the sick are healed, demons are driven out by the power of God. The triune God pours out his love, in abundance blessing….where the poor in spirit, those who mourn, the meek, the hungry, persecuted, the poor and those hated by men are truly and completely blessed by God The people love God and one another, they know God and themselves and each other as beloved children of God, as in the Pentecost community each of them gives to each other as each of them has a need.

In a nutshell the kingdom of God exists where God’s outpouring of love is received and shared. The kingdom of God is not just to be heard about or even known about, the kingdom of God is to be entered into and participated in. The kingdom of God is not like spectator sport, you don’t just watch you are in the center of God’s love and engaged in the sharing of it. The kingdom of God came to earth with Jesus’ ministry and the ministry of the disciples. The kingdom of God appeared and was moving and growing one person at a time. People heard his teaching and saw the miracles he was doing as everyone was invited enter into the kingdom life.

The kingdom of God exists purely and most powerfully in the Trinity and includes heaven came to each in the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve were called to do the work to spread this kingdom across all creation. Sinful people and a sinful world are by definition separated from the kingdom of heaven. Sinful people shift their faith from God to forbidden fruit, idols of every kind. The world sinned, fell short and been cursed by God. Because of the fall, The world was cursed to earn its living from the ground rather than receive eternal life from God.

All people are immersed in the curse from birth. Under the curse, life and goodness are derived from the ground instead of God. Everyone earns a living, respect, credibility and the love of others by the sweat of their brow from the ground. As slaves, they earn life but the life they earn from the ground is only temporary. It can be beautiful and even full but under the curse, earthly life will eventually be destroyed by death.

But by the grace of God the kingdom of God that gives eternal life comes to earth. Jesus comes to set cursed people free to live in the kingdom of God. Because of Christ we can enter into it by faith and receive eternal love and life from God instead of the temporary life and love that comes from the earth. Jesus himself the son of God came from heaven to be born of the woman, born of the Spirit and the ground, in order to bring the cursed ground and the people of the cursed ground into the kingdom.

  1. is the son of God and Son of man. The son of God became the son of Adam which means son of earth. He came from the father to earth and made a round trip through the cross. From life with God in the trinity, to life on earth, death on earth, resurrected and returned to the father. When he returned he brought all believers with him, united in one body to live in communion in the kingdom of God. As walked the earth, he and his disciples made the kingdom of God visible and opened the door for sinful people to come in.
  1. is important to understand what the kingdom of God represents as we live our lives. The world is a stressful place that encourages us to turn from God and trust ourselves to cope with it. has always been true that turning away from God is sin. This month we celebrate the birth of this nation in the midst of great stress, from COVID, rioting, economic uncertainty and overall strife during this election year. Add to this is the stress from our own personal lives. How does the love of God matter in the face of such powerful enemies?
  1. answer is, we turn to God. We remember Christ and all His benefits that are ours in the kingdom of God. more we turn to God and trust Him the more the eternal life of the kingdom of God will characterize our lives. We have been set free from the bondage of sin and death. Let us receive the grace of God never return to it.


Happy Fourth of July!!

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