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Novermber Letter from the Pastor
November 4, 2020, 11:00 AM

The story of the prodigal son has been told from every possible angle, but I submit that there is a worthwhile alternative way to look at the story. Everyone in this story, the father and both his sons were orphans. Perhaps not orphans in the typical sense, but they had an orphan mentality. Their lives were characterized by lonely striving. In life they felt they always had to make it happen, alone with no help.

In order for sons to stop living as orphans they had to join their father. In order for the father to stop living as an orphan he had to welcome the sons home. The father had to welcome the sons home into his heart, into heart to heart relationship with each other, so they would no longer be orphans.

You and I live in a world that is a factory for orphans. Every institution of every kind, including the church, places the burden on individuals to make it happen as a condition for relationship. We say to each other, as long as you carry your load and carry it well enough you will be accepted. So we live under constant pressure to make things happen on our own. Our lives are therefore filled with lonely striving. We are orphans and we train our children to live like orphans too.

The good news of the gospel is that our heavenly father has made a way for us to come home and join him in a heart to heart relationship. He offers us a kind easy yoke that binds us to him. We no longer have to live like we have to make things happen; and we can join with our heavenly Daddy and our spiritual brothers and sisters to make the will of the Father happen together as a body.

This is what eternal life is all about : making things happen with the Father as a part of His body. This is what healthy life is all about in any context, making things happen together in marriage, in family, in church, in a company, in community of every kind. When we come together we declare we are not orphans. Our loving father and our brother have saved us. We are bound together in the family of God by the power of the Spirit.

During this month we have a national election and a national Thanksgiving holiday. Both major events have the potential to either create orphans by breaking relationships or heal brokenness and bring orphans into the family. Whether we create orphans or heal them depends on the level of loving commitment we have for one another. As Christians we already have the loving commitment of our heavenly Father. We can come home to a heart to heart relationship with our Lord and then invite others to join us. The ability to come home to the heart of God is truly worthy of Thanksgiving. May God bless you and yours richly as you celebrate all He has given you!!

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