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October 2020 Letter from the Pastor
September 30, 2020, 9:24 AM

More than three in five Americans are lonely, with more and more people reporting feeling like they are left out, poorly understood and lacking companionship, according to the Cigna insurance company. Things are even worse for pastors. Over 70% of pastors experience loneliness and have no close friends they trust with personal matters. 70% have a lower self-image now than when they first joined the ministry.

  1. people easily become workaholics. Lonely people are often motivated to work hard because success makes the pain of loneliness go away for a while. People love successful people and want them around, need them around. But success requires lonely individual effort. You must achieve success or contribute to success of a team on your own, usually without support. Nobody much cares how you achieve success, the just demand it from you. Lack of success isolates you from people but even the effort needed to achieve success is a lonely endeavor. The final blow falls when you realize that that one success is not enough, success has to be achieved again and again forever. Even successful people are lonely.

There is so much loneliness and so much devastation because of loneliness, we need to focus on it and learn how to solve the loneliness problem. So what is the solution?….since we are in church the answer is obviously God…the good news, the very good news is that living in the kingdom of God you do not live alone. A confession of faith for the Canadian church puts it this way; “God is with us, we are not alone, thanks be to God.” But how exactly does God defeat loneliness?

Jesus proclaims that God is near. It is by turning to Him and trusting Him that loneliness is defeated. It is by faith we are saved, by faith we achieve success. In the kingdom of God you do not walk alone. God is with you. He will make you fruitful when you turn to him trust him. When we turn to him you become fruitful. Part of our fruitfulness is that you become caretakers with him, which means we bear witness to the truth to others and support them and help them become fruitful in their walk with the Lord.

The awesome good news is that is the kingdom of God is near, not far off. The Holy Spirit lives in us. We need not feel lonely any more. We need only to turn to him to receive the life only He can give. Success has been achieved for us, we need only come to the one Who gives life by grace and bids us Repent! Conquer loneliness by living with him in the kingdom of God.


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