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Pastor's Letter for March 2021
March 4, 2021, 12:20 PM

Right now in your life, what is your hope of glory? What or who do you look to for life, for love, for hope, for help to solve the problems of life. In his letter to the Colossians Paul says God reveals Jesus as our hope of glory. There are really two ways to live. Either focus first on God, or focus first on the problems of life. People who start with God receive glory and life from him. Their source of love, hope and help is the living God.

When you focus on God first you tackle the problems of life with Him and receive power to solve the problems of life from Him. When you are with God, you bless people because you are blessed. When you are with God, You join with God and other people and respond together to the problems of life. This way of life together is deeply meaningful and glorifying. When Christ in you is your hope of glory though problems of life are big, God is always bigger and and you will ultimately win with Him.

  1. what if Christ in you is not your hope of glory? You need some source of hope and glory to get through life, a source of power to solve the problems of life. Problem solvers are certainly valuable to themselves and to others. When you solve problems you feel alive. When you solve problems you receive glory. What happens when you can’t solve problems? The supply Glory suddenly dries up. You blame yourself and others. When people who get glory from solving problems can’t solve their problems they blame others, blame people they love, blame themselves and blame even God.. Blame erodes and severs relationships. Problem solving is exhausting. Eventually problem solvers get tired and start to fail. In the end the problems will find themselves beaten, alone and condemned.
  2. and I are problem solvers. We naturally focus on problems first. We get up every day and do our very best to solve problems. The better we solve problems the more glory we find for ourselves. As people of religion, we work hard for God and enlist him to help us solve the problems of life. The truth is that by focusing on the problems we easily find ourselves isolated from anyone who does not help us solve problems as we expect. Isolation from others drains life, and isolation from God is sinful.

In order to be faithful we must turn to God first and then work with him to solve the problems of life. Christ in us, Christ in close relationship with him is our hope of glory. How many times in your day do you face problems? How many times in your day do you throw yourself into problem solving and never once think about Christ who is your hope of glory? Many Christians begin their day with time with God. They read the word and they pray. This is a great way to start because before your day begins you have received life and glory from fellowship with God.

But what happens next? Do you then turn to problem solving as your source of glory? Do you shut your bible, end your time of prayer and then commence problem solving on your own?

By the end of your day do you feel exhausted? Alone? Loneliness and exhaustion are sure signs that we have given ourselves over to problem solving and are no longer receiving glory from Christ in us. We become fishers of men when we join with Christ in us to solve the problems of life. When we do we will bear fruit like love, patience, kindness, self control even in the face of great problems. Christ makes us attractive. It is the fruit of Christ that allows us to connect with exhausted and lonely people in our lives bring them to Christ so that they can be encouraged in life. With Him as our hope of glory we will be fruitful, with him we will be fishers of men and women.

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