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June 6, 2019, 10:46 AM

Pastor's Letter for May 2019

I write to bear witness to the depth of Lord’s love for you. God cannot love you any more and cannot love you any less. He loves you as much as the father loves the son and the son loves the father. Let the love of God wash over you and let Him touch you and bring you into closer walk with Him.

needs new life. Yahweh, the heavenly father is the creator sustainer and the savior of life. To have life, that is eternal life is to know and love God. New life to comes whenever a person is touched by God. God touches people he loves both forcefully and gently in combinations that are all his own. Jesus died as the took upon Himself the sins of the world. Even in agony on the cross, however Jesus never turned away from the father. Forsaking the Father brings inevitable death, but seeking the father leads to new life.

As Jesus received new life he immediately set about to resurrect the lives and hopes of His disciples just as his life and hope had been resurrected. Invigorated with new life, His disciples were given the great commission to go and make disciples, to resurrect the lives and hopes of others as they had been resurrected.

Jesus met two of his disciples on the road to Emmaus who had left the company of the others, left the scene of Jesus death went away. Why? They were seeking life from somewhere, anywhere. Jerusalem was where they had experienced deep pain and tragedy. They were loaded down with grief, loneliness, shame. They had hoped Jesus was the one to redeem Israel, to set them free from bondage, to be the king that would liberate them from the oppression of Rome and who would give them respected again as a people. Jesus death seemed kill away this great hope.

Anyone who loses a spouse, a dream or has their sense of security deeply damaged knows what the disciples were likely feeling….What is the point of living, what quality of life is possible for someone who has experienced such a deep wound. Jesus came to them and comes to us in this place of great pain and disappointment. Remember this is the God of whom David wrote, that even through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil. Jesus the good shepherd came to find these wayward sheep.

entered into their loneliness, he asked them to tell him why they are so downcast….he heard them and then used the word of God to explain what had happened. Through these things eases their burden as indicated by the fact that the disciples invited him to stay with them when it looked like he was about to move on. Even at that point they did not recognize him….which means their grief had not been touched sufficiently by the one who could and would heal them.

he broke bread with them their grief turned to joy and they received new life….their dead faith, their dead hope was resurrected to new life and new hope and new joy. The one who was resurrected from the tomb, now gave them new life. With new hope the disciples did not press on to Emmaus, they went back to help resurrect the hope of the others.

We are all on a road to Emmaus. Perhaps not just one road. By that I mean we may have many reasons to despair many dreams unfulfilled many reasons to have our hearts broken by despair and shame, many reasons to feel lonely. The Lord is the only one who can resurrect our lives and our hopes. We need him and we need to seek him in every one of those places. The good news is that He is with you there, he is instructing you there. When the time is right he will reveal himself there. When he does you will experience new life and new hope and you will want to tell others what he has done for you.

Christians have been touched by the Lord and given new life at least once. Therefore you all have a story to tell, a reason for the hope that is in you that others who are in despair need to hear. Jesus is the answer to every question, every problem. He is the healing of every source of despair. He is walking with you so that you can join him in giving new life and hope to others in despair.

As you look around the see others who are on their own road to Emmaus…with eyes downcast because they have lost their reasons to hope. They like you need to be touched by the Lord. You have a role in their healing…an active role or a passive role….what exactly does the Lord expect you to do? These are hard questions that are impossible to answer by human reason. The only way to answer that is by turning to the one who saved you and trust him. You can trust him to teach you and show you as you walk with him in his easy yoke.

Jesus gives us a powerful example of how to minister new life to one another;

Join hurting people on the road of their lives.

Hear their stories.

Share God’s word of love.

Break bread with them.

life comes through a process, a walk. Ministering life to others is a long process of doing such things. The first and most vital step is to seek the resurrected Lord of life and take every step with him.

May the Lord find you this Spring on your road to Emmaus and use you to spread His love to others.


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