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Pastor's Letter for May 2020
May 5, 2020, 9:00 AM

 John 3:16 says….. God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life”. You and I are part of the world, you are part of a humanity whom God loves so much. When you hear the words “I love you” from someone, you reflexively examine the evidence of their love. You might ask yourself, what have I seen, heard or felt that confirms or denies their statement? If you accept their love you are drawn toward them, but if reject the gift you run away in fear.

  1. love is powerful and perfect. So, why is it that people have troubles receiving His love? John 3:19 says that mankind loves the darkness more than the light. We naturally love darkness more than God. Psalm 25:7 is reassuring in that it says the unfailing love of God is more powerful than the darkness of our sin. It takes God to overcome our fear and work in us so that we can accept his gift of love, grow in it and become fruitful.

It is ironic, but the test of true love does not happen when the gift is accepted and returned in kind. The true test of love is when the offer of love is rejected. What happens then? Does the lover stop loving and walk away or does the lover continue to demonstrate love again and again? True and perfect love is resilient. God’s love is resilient, while we were still sinners Christ died for us.

Even though His love is rejected by mankind again and again, God still continues to invest his love into the world. He still cultivates the soil of the human heart so that eventually the word sewn into it will become dramatically fruitful. The fruitfulness of love occurs through the synergy of the effort contributed from all parties in the relationship. All parties must give and receive the gift of love and commitment from each other in order for the relationship to bear fruit.

  1. Trinity is a perfect depiction of this reality, father son and Spirit love each other, glorify each other and give to each other completely. The result is life. In the parable of the sower, farmer, seed and good soil come together to produce a harvest of a hundred fold. It takes the farmer to prepare the soil, drive away the birds, take away the rocks, plow the hardened earth, and uproot the weeds so that they seed will sprout and thrive to the benefit of the farmer and many others who receive life from the crop. Jesus’s work on earth was the work of the farmer, preparing the ground to receive the seed, then sowing the seed and tending to the plants, so that a great harvest of disciples would result.

The harvest he wants is not merely a bunch of saved people who received his love. The harvest He wants is a body of saved people who seek Him and join him as under farmers to saved others and invest in them to make under farmers too.

We care called to seek the Lord, to pray continually. When you prayerfully seek and hear the Lord He invests in you and makes you more able to do what he commands. There are many forces at work to try distract you from the Lord, your desires flesh, worldly tribulation, idols of all kinds and Satan himself all do their best to turn you from the light of God.

The wonderful reality is that the light of Christ shines in the darkness, the darkness has not overcome it. He is at work in you and in others around you to chase away the birds, remove the rocks, kill the weeds, so that His Word of love will be fruitful in you. He disciples you and enlists you in the work of discipling others so that more and more people will hear the Word, do the word and walk in his heavenly light.

During this time our lives on earth, you, me and everyone need the Lord more than ever. During the time of recovery from the Corona Crisis as well as the battle against the trials of life, let us seek the Lord, revive the gift of His love and work with Him to bring others into His wonderful light.


In His Love,




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